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Universal Orchestra | 23 December | Pune

Sat, December 23, 2023 - Sun, December 24, 2023

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Sangawat Productions & Bosque Productions Presents- Metahuman Live in Pune

When? 📆 23 December 2023

Where? 📍Big Bull Luxury Club, Pune.


Main Act:


+ more tba.

Embark on an Epic Sonic Odyssey! 🎶

Get ready for the transcendent experience featuring the Maestro METAHUMAN from Blackout Records / Knobs and Keys Records for the very FIRST TIME IN PUNE , alongside a stellar lineup of cosmic acts. 🙏🏼

📆 Date: December 23rd, 2023
⏰ Time: 9:00 PM Onwards

Prepare for an extraordinary spiritual odyssey with MetaHuman, the HiTech MetaLegion Boss, 🦹🏻 journeying from Greece 🇬🇷 to grace us with an enchanting 2-HOUR LIVE SET!

🕺Dive into a captivating evening of cosmic tunes at Bigg Bull The Luxury Club, where MetaHuman leads you on an auditory adventure that surpasses the limits of time. 🪩

🌠 Let the cosmic vibrations resonate through your soul, surrounded by a symphony of musical brilliance curated to elevate your senses.

👾 Surrender to the ethereal beats, as each act adds a unique layer to the Universal Orchestra. Dance freely under the canopy of magical lights , as the music weaves a tapestry of cosmic magic. 🔮

🕴️This is not just an event; it’s an invitation to join a cosmic convergence at Bigg Bull The Luxury Club – Where Universal Orchestra Unveils its Grandeur! 🧿

✨ Secure your tickets 🎟️ now for a night of boundless musical exploration and connection. See you in the cosmos 🪬

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  1. In the event of any breach of these terms & conditions, the organizers reserve the right to cancel tickets, to refuse admission, to remove the holder or to confiscate offending articles, as the case may be, and in any case, to retain any money paid for the relevant ticket.
  2. Tickets cannot be transferred, re-sold, refunded, or re-issued. If this ticket is re-sold or transferred for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the promoter or one of its authorized sub-agents, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry or removed from the venue.
  3. No tickets will be exchanged or transferred under any circumstances.
  4. The resale of tickets is prohibited. All rights reserved to cancel any tickets that have been resold.
  5. Lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or undelivered QR codes or tickets cannot be replaced or refunded. There will be no admission without a valid QR / Code ticket
  6. Tickets are sold subject to the organizer’s right to alter or vary the performances/artists or the festival without being obliged to refund money or exchange tickets.
  7. The organizers reserve the right to refuse admission to the festival if the holder is found in violation of these terms and conditions.
  8. Security personnel will conduct searches of persons entering the venue to ensure the safety of the persons at the venue. Anyone found carrying prohibited material will be denied entry at the gate.
  9. Any person who fails to comply with instructions or another person acting for the organizers or behaving against the peaceful atmosphere may be removed from the venue.
  10. No refund on tickets will be made under any circumstances except pursuant to conditions under Event Cancellation or Postponement. Please read more about our refund policy.
  1. Purchasers of tickets who are under 18 years of age should seek parental consent before purchasing tickets/merchandise from our website. By transacting on our website, the purchaser certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age and understands and accepts these conditions of use.
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  4. When you receive your tickets, please check them carefully, as certain mistakes can not be rectified beyond a 48-hour window. Keep tickets in a safe place.
  5. The Promoter may add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, event times, seating arrangements, and audience capacity without prior notice.
  6. No third-party collection is allowed unless an Authorization letter is issued by the original purchaser and presented to Axess upon ticket collection.
  1. Do not LITTER! Dispose OFF your waste/cigarette butts/water bottles/cups responsibly. Please help us minimize the impact on nature by keeping it cleaner than it was found.
  2. No illegal substances may be brought onto the site.
  3. The ticket holder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event whether occurring before, during, or subsequent to the actual event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage, or liability.
  4. Photography, video, or audio reproduction is strictly prohibited.
  5. The promoter/venue owner may use the ticket holder’s image or likeness in any live or recorded video display, photograph, or picture.
  6. In case of unforeseeable circumstances such as war, civil or political unrest, actions and orders from the authorities, strikes, natural catastrophes, epidemics, other severe damages, or highly unexpected factors, the organizers may cancel the event, and the amounts received will NOT be refunded. The promoter/venue owner may postpone, cancel, interrupt, or stop the event due to causes beyond reasonable control.
  7. Information is collected from those registering with us in order to facilitate ticket purchases or other services available. This information is collected and used in accordance with the privacy policy.
  8. The ticket holder agrees to submit to any search for any prohibited items including but not limited to weapons, controlled, dangerous, and illegal substances, and recording devices.
  9. The festival is a space of freedom and no prejudice. It’s a space for free spirits based on values such as peace, art, environment, celebration, culture, education, and love. Please respect your brothers and sisters and the nature around you. Don’t engage in negative behaviors towards others. We are one. PLUR!

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